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Respiratory Pathogen Testing

PGL's PCR Panels Detect COVID-19 and Other Pathogens with a Single Sample


Up to 45% of COVID-19 patients can have a viral or bacterial co-infection.^1

PGL's offers PCR pathogen testing that can test for a range of the viruses, including COVID-19, and bacteria that are most likely to be causing a patient's upper respiratory infection. Coupled with PGL's rapid turnaround time for patient results, respiratory pathogen testing allows the provider to accurately manage the course of treatment.

Benefits of Respiratory Pathogen Panel Testing^2,3:

  • Decreased Hospitalizations

  • Avoids Unnecessary Procedures

  • Decreased Duration of Antibiotics

  • Targeted Antimicrobial Therapy

PGL's Respiratory Pathogen Panels provide accurate, timely, and comprehensive results to improve your patient outcomes.

  • Tests for multiple pathogens including: 

    • COVID-19​

    • Flu A

    • Flu B

    • RSV

    • Other common pathogens

  • PCR tests are significantly more accurate than antigen and other testing methods.

  • Uses a single swab for all results.

  • Next day results in most cases.


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