September 23, 2020


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, PGL has invested heavily to answer the call of state and local leaders to increase patient access to upper respiratory pathogen testing. As the outbreak started to hit our providers hard, PGL lobbied some of the world's largest manufacturers of testing supplies for priority in their supply allocations. As a result, PGL was one of the first private clinical laboratories in our region to offer high-throughput PCR respiratory pathogen panels which include COVID-19. 


PGL invested significantly to increase staff and instrumentation to meet demand for multiplex respiratory pathogen diagnosis. Now, PGL remains the only private laboratory in our region offering high throughput (up to 1300 patients per day) respiratory pathogen testing with a next-day turnaround time.


In anticipation of the upcoming respiratory season, PGL is continuing its expansion. Our providers will need rapid differential diagnosis of every manner of upper respiratory pathogen along with COVID-19.  PGL is currently moving into new laboratory space and investing in additional testing infrastructure. This will increase PGL’s maximum test capacity to 10,000 patients per week and improve PGL's industry-leading turnaround time to as early as next-morning results. PGL also continues to operate as a full-service, community clinical bloodwork and molecular lab, helping patients with routine and non-routine wellness testing.  


From the start, PGL treated the pandemic as a higher calling to serve patients even in the most remote and underserved areas. Our team has worked 24-hours per day since the pandemic began to ensure that no patient is left behind. At PGL, we continue to invest our passion, finances, and time to ensure that our region continues to lead the nation in molecular respiratory pathogen testing. 

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