About Physicians Group Laboratories


Both patient and provider have the same need from their diagnostic lab. First that results will be accurate and timely, second that laboratory service will be consistent, and third that billing practices will be fair and ethical.

We can confidently say that we at PGL put BOTH patient and provider first above all other considerations in the operation of PGL’s laboratory. You will see this reflected in our rapid turnaround times, high sensitivity and specificity of results, consistent and friendly service, and ethical billing practices.

We consider every patient and provider a part of the PGL family, and we welcome you to the industry leading PGL laboratory experience.

Superior Service

PGL is dedicated to providing a level of laboratory service that cannot be duplicated by our competitors. From our friendly staff to our fast turnaround times, PGL is the easy choice for patients and providers.

Rapid Results

PGL reports results in under 24 hours to ensure that patients and providers have diagnostic answers as quickly as possible. PGL also offers courier services to all of our clients in a manner that is custom tailored to specific workflows.

Cutting Edge Technology

PGL utilizes the most advanced technology to ensure that each result we produce is accurate and reliable. PGL also interfaces with practices and supports electronics processes to reduce errors and increase efficiency. Ongoing adaptation to the ever changing world of healthcare is what sets PGL apart.